Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the "circle of life" or how the man is keeping us down....

I am still processing everything I have been reading the last couple of weeks. I am normally a quick read, but this book has proven to be so thought provoking that I find myself only able to get through two chapters a night....

I am not normally a big conspiracy theory kind of guy... but our American culture/political machine, or whatever you want to call it, has our very society on a crash course with disaster!

In the name of more/cheep/forever shelf life/over processed food, we are ruining our very bodies.... making more health problems, and putting a greater strain on our health care system.

the epic levels of obesity and other diseases are all directly related to our over eating.... even when we don't think we are over eating, we are, due to all the extra stuff they are putting into ALL of our foods ( challenge, walk into your kitchen and try to put together a meal without ANY High fructose Corn Syrup, or any derivative of it.... good luck)

HFCS has an ad campaign now to give it a positive spin. If it needs this, shouldn't that be telling us something is very wrong?

Look at it this way, if the Meat industry has found that feeding the cattle a diet of corn can fatten them up three times faster then their normal grass diet, shouldn't that tell us something?

Corn is the wonder food... it packs an amazing caloric punch, too much of one. without us knowing or trying, we are eating TONS of it, every year. This is making us fatter and fatter...
and adding to a host of medical problems....

The human body is designed to crave sweet things ( it is a survival trait, so we put on weight to get through the next drought or disaster ) the more sweet we eat, the more we crave.... this insane packed diet of HFCS's is feeding into this cycle... trapping us into becoming fatter and more unhealthy.

I know I sound a little crazy right now.... but read this book, and you will understand it.

I have a lot to learn about food and nutrition. I really didn't understand how much I didn't know.

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